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Improve the Health of Your Skin

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Improve the Health of Your Skin

Sometimes, we forget about how important it is to take care of the largest organ in our body – our SKIN! Our skin protects us from the harshest of environments, and we, in return, should be dedicated to protecting it! So, here are TimeLess’ tips to improve skin health.

•Eat Nutrient-rich Foods

Eating foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and biotin will leave your skin with a glowing, healthy look. Combining the nutrients stated above with Vitamin A and Zinc can also help prevent acne.

•Keep Up with Daily Skin Care

Washing your face every morning and night will help your skin stay clean and clear. At the very least, you should follow cleansing with a moisturizer. A free consultation with a Master Esthetician would help you pick the best match for your skin type.

•Stop Smoking (and don’t start!)

Smoking will age you faster than usual and will cause wrinkles to appear at an earlier age. Two important fibers in your skin that contribute to plasticity, collagen and elastin, become damaged when you smoke.

•Use SPF Every, Single Day

If outside, apply sunscreen approximately every two hours. Apply the lotion more often if you are swimming or engaging in vigorous exercise, even if the sunscreen says that it is waterproof. The time it takes to apply sunscreen is worth it to prevent skin cancer. Be sure your daily moisturizer and makeup also provide sun protection.

These suggestions will help improve your overall skin health. For intensive care or for a relaxing treatment, talk to South Ogden’s TimeLess Medical Spa.

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