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Weight Loss Program

Our physician-assisted weight loss program in Ogden can help you achieve your weight loss goals. We offer a scientifically backed weight-management program that tackles weight loss with a high-protein, low-calorie approach.Recommended by the 

Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), this weight-management method is proven to reduce fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

Advanced Skin Care

TimeLess offers a variety of facials and chemical peels to renew your skin and eliminate deep-seated dirt. Our in-house physician with decades of experience in the skincare profession can also perform manual extraction, especially for severe cases of inflammatory acne.You can also experience technologically-advanced and effective microdermabrasion treatments, to make your skin appear more vibrant and glowing. These are more effective and safer than DIY home exfoliation that can damage your

Hair and Tattoo

Tired of shaving, tweezing, and painful waxing? Experience the convenience of effective, long-lasting hair reduction at TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic. We use Candela’s Gentle Max for laser hair removal in Ogden, UT. As a piece of modern and sophisticated equipment, the Gentle Max has various wavelengths to target multiple skin types without any adverse skin reaction. Our latest technology incorporates a built-in cooling system that chills the skin and minimizes discomfort.

Skin Resurfacing and Tightening

Are you seeking a solution to look more refreshed and revitalized? You have come to the right place! TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic offers various chemical peels and laser treatments to give your skin a more smooth and youthful glow. From Image Skincare peels with fruit-based enzymes, to Skin Medica's chemical peels, our products will help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, roughness, and fine lines.We also perform non-invasive laser treatments to eliminate and reduce problem areas like acne scars, freckles, sun damage, pigmented lesions, or brown spots.

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