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Obesity is one of the biggest threats to the health of Americans.  It is a well known fact that obesity rates are on the rise in the US, and that obesity is closely associated with many different serious health problems.  That is why more and more Americans are concerned about their weight.

The weight itself isn’t necessarily the biggest problem—rather it is the health factors (heart problems, increased chances of certain diseases, etc.) that are often associated with obesity.  That’s why it is generally good to try to stay within the “healthy weight” ranges determined by your gender, age, and height.  Always remember that there is much more to healthy living than losing weight—but the activities and habits that lead to weight loss are often key to long-term health.

Before you begin your weight loss journey, remember that it can take time when starting a new diet and routine.  It’s important not to become discouraged or give up too soon.

Live Healthier

With all that said, here are the most important steps to starting out on the path to weight loss and healthy living:

  1. Start by tracking your calories.  Calculate the approximate number of calories you consume each day, and use that information help form a plan to adjusting your daily routine.
  2. Eat healthy foods on a regular basis.  It’s not enough to just eat a few fruits every week—truly healthy eating means cutting out most sweets and eating the right foods every day.  It also means limiting the amount of food you each day to your recommended caloric daily value.
  3. Exercise often.  While changing your eating habits is a great and essential first step toward weight loss, doing rigorous exercises on a daily or near daily basis will bring your weight loss to a new level.

Remember, each person loses weight differently.  Some people will start seeing results within a few weeks, while others may have to wait months before seeing any significant weight loss. The trick is to keep at it, and you will start feeling better.

Create a Plan

Before embarking on your weight loss plan, talk to an Ogden, Utah weight loss professional. Your doctor will help you determine the best, personalized weight loss plan, taking into consideration any health concerns or problems.   Get started on the journey to healthier living today!

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