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Motivate Yourself to Exercise

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Exercise is one of the single most important contributors to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Exercise improves your perspective, fills your brain with endorphins to induce a natural high, and builds muscle and cardiovascular fitness. However, all of us have experienced the workout blues – moments when we would rather do anything than hit the gym. How do we overcome the urge to veg when the time to exercise comes? Here are six tips to get motivated when you simply don’t want to move:

  1. Look to the future. Imagine how good you’ll feel because of your disciplined workout habits. Visualize a fitter you and set attainable goals. Signing up for a 5K could be a great start and keep you motivated as you work towards that goal.
  2. Read a fitness blog. Reading about the fitness journeys of others helps us to realize that we’re not alone in our difficulties when it comes to exercising. However, don’t spend the whole day pinning exercise tips on Pinterest, or reading blogs and never actually get out to exercise.
  3. Watch a video that inspires you. Don’t neglect your visual side. Films of world-class athletes or people who beat the odds to achieve success can have a powerful effect.
  4. Sign up for an exercise class. Working out in a group setting can be highly motivational, in that there are other people encouraging you to succeed in your efforts. Plus, you’re more likely to make time for exercise you’ve paid for.
  5. Be accountable. Tell someone every day whether you’ve worked out or not.
  6. Stop in to Timeless. Let us help you stay motivated. We’ll give you the nutritional and lifestyle guidance that you need to achieve your dreams. Follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Google+ for motivation and inspiration.

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