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Tricks to Avoid Halloween Treats

Tricks to Avoid Halloween Treats | Timeless Med Spa | South Ogden, UT

Halloween is just the kick-off to all the months of treats and sugary goodness that follow. So, before things get totally out of control, we’ve come up with some ideas to avoid getting sucked into the holiday sugar coma.

This Halloween, use these tricks to avoid the treats:

Buy your least favorite candy

When you shop for your trick-or-treat candy pick out things that kids will like, but you won’t be tempted to snack on. This will save you from the extra calories, and the extra money you’d spend going back to the store for more before Halloween night.

Chew gum

Try to find a flavor of sugar-free gum that satisfies your sweet tooth. Chewing on gum can help keep you satisfied and keep your mind off of snacking.

Grab a low-calorie drink

Like gum, having something that tastes sweet can satisfy your cravings. Remember to be careful with diet sodas, and just drink sparingly. Zero-calorie flavored waters are a great option for vitamins, hydration and a satisfying sweet taste. If you’re cold you can sip on light hot chocolate, sugar-free apple cider or make a cup of tea with a sugar substitute, like Stevia.
You can even have hot chocolate as a meal replacement. At TimeLess we have low-calorie, high protein hot chocolate that is absolutely delicious!

Get away from the candy jar!

Chances are if the candy jar is close, you’ll reach for it. “Out of sight, out of mind,” right? So, get out of reach of the candy. At home, put it away in a cupboard. At work, ask for others to move the jar far away from you.

Plan ahead

Eat a good, filling breakfast before work and don’t leave home without the other meals and snacks you need for the day. You’re most likely to spring for the treats if you’re hungry and get the munchies. Bring high protein snacks with you to eat throughout the day, so you don’t feel desperate for candy.
You can satisfy your craving for candy with a really good protein bar. TimeLess has a variety of delicious meal replacement bars.

Avoid the candy altogether!

Help out children with food allergies or spectrum disorders, and yourself, by choosing not to give out candy on Halloween. You can pass out fun novelty items kids will love, like bouncy balls, glow sticks, spider rings, slinkies or stick-on mustaches. Parents will be grateful, and you’ll keep the candy out of your house.

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