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Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet

Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Every New Year we make goals, usually revolving around our health. Even if you already fell off the weight loss bandwagon, you can get back on. It is never too late to begin living a healthier life! TimeLess has compiled a short list of simple ways to improve your diet right now.


Protein is the ultimate key to overall health and weight loss. Proteins are macronutrients that are essential to many bodily functions, like helping digest and absorb the nutrients in meals. When there is a lack of protein in your body, it will begin to break down muscles in order to continue those functions. Remember, your heart and lungs are muscles, too. They can suffer if there is a deficiency of protein in your diet. Try to consume protein at every meal to feel fuller, longer and keep your blood sugars level.


It is time to ditch the iceberg lettuce! Start incorporating dark green lettuce, spinach, and kale. Not only are these more flavorful, but they offer your body a great deal of fiber, minerals and vitamins.


There are more than 400 types of healthy bacteria living in your intestines called probiotics. It is important to sustain the good bacteria and get rid of the bad by incorporating foods like yogurt. TimeLess carrie Zao GREEN, which is a detoxification that contains powerful probiotics and several antioxidants. Zao GREEN helps support digestive health, as well as the immune system. Just a weekly dose can help improve your overall health.

*Note: Before taking a probiotic, speak to your health care provider at TimeLess. Some probiotics are not properly regulated. Make sure you are choosing a quality product before incorporating it into your diet.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids support cardiovascular health, joint mobility, immune functions and mental health. TimeLess carries Nutriex Omega-3 Fatty Acids, a high quality, medical-grade supplement.


Along with setting resolutions to eat better each New Year, people often set exercise goals. Jobs, school and other responsibilities often make it difficult to stick to a gym schedule. Try making small changed to your day to burn calories without the gym.

  • Park and walk. Instead of trying to get the closest parking spot, go ahead and park in the back of the lot, or even across the street. Take a brisk walk in to work or wherever you are running errands.
  • Take the stairs. Avoid the elevator! Get your heart rate up and your legs moving.
  • Stand up. When the phone rings, stand up to answer it and stretch while you talk. Try to never sit longer than an hour at a time.
  • Sit on a fitness ball, instead of your desk chair. This will help strengthen your core and posture.
  • Take five. Take time throughout the day to do some type of exercise. Walk lunges across the office, do squats or crunches on your fitness ball, or calf raises while you are on the phone. 5 minutes every hour will add up!

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