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How-to Transition your Skin to Fall

How-to Transition your Skin to Fall | Timeless Med Spa | South Ogden, UT

Crisp mornings, cozy sweaters, falling leaves and pumpkin spice everything; it’s officially fall! And as the season transitions, so should your skin care routine. We’ve got the details on how-to transition your skin to fall.

At home, your focus should be on exfoliating away summer’s dead skin. Try an exfoliating mask or scrub 2-3 times a week. As it starts getting colder, you’ll want to use a thicker moisturizer and cleanser to add more hydration to your skin. Lightening serums and retinols are great to pull into your routine in the winter as your risk for sun exposure goes down. However, that does not mean that you go lax on SPF; you still need sun protection every day.

Throughout the autumn and winter months, it is a great time to meet with your esthetician to focus on more aggressive treatments that aimed at exfoliating or treating hyperpigmentation, since you aren’t at as high risk for sun exposure.

We asked our TimeLess Master Estheticians for their favorite fall treatments and here is what they suggested:

Chemical Peel

There is a reason estheticians refer to autumn as “peel season.” This go-to exfoliation treatment can be curated for any and all skin-types and made to meet individual needs. If you’ve never had an esthetic treatment before, this is a great place to start.

During a chemical peel treatment, various acids are used to break down the dead surface layer of the skin. This process removes impurities, resulting in a smoother surface and overall appearance and stimulation of collagen production. Chemical Peels also aid in clearing blemishes and help fade hyperpigmentation.


If you follow beauty trends, then chances are that you have heard about dermaplaning. This deep exfoliating treatment is all the rage right now.

Dermaplaning treatments use a surgical scalpel to gently scrape away unwanted hair and dead skin. It is completely painless. This actual treatment is quick, so it pairs great with a luxurios mask, like Image Skincare’s O2 Lift, and allows the product to be better absorbed into the skin. You are left with silky smooth skin and a gorgeous glow.

Hollywood Laser Facial

This new laser treatment is just what you need for glowing, celebrity-like skin. Address pigmentation, fine lines and texture issues with our new Hollywood Laser Facial.

A charcoal mask is spread over the skin and then lasered off for a deep exfoliation, resurfacing and to target pigment. Following treatment, it will feel a bit like you’ve had a bad sunburn. Downtime is about  3-5 days. When it’s healed, your skin will look absolutely glowing.


If you are looking for a treatment option to aggressively address your skin in one treatment, CO2 is the right one. Typically a once a year treatment, CO2 skin resurfacing is designed to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle and deep dermal levels.

CO2RE is a versatile fractional CO2 system, and the latest in skin resurfacing technology. The laser incorporates an innovative scanning technology for skin resurfacing through fractional
ablation. The CO2RE procedure is ideal for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scarring, benign lesions, and skin tags. It is the most aggressive treatment, with downtime of about 1-2 weeks.

Call your Master Esthetician and set up a skin consultation to determine the best exfoliating treatment for you to transition your skin to fall.

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