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Why should I wash my face?

Why should I wash my face? | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

The wind kicks up on your morning walk, and you are blasted with dirt and sand. While driving to work, with the windows down, a big truck’s exhaust plumes in front of you. The air you expose your face to all day is filled with dirt and pollutants that attack the integrity of your skin. And the makeup you applied early this morning has been busy clogging your pores and suffocating your skin all day.

You must cleanse! Cleansing is the first step to getting better skin and it is, by far, the most important. You should never go to bed without cleansing all the oil, grime and dead skin cell build-up off your face.

Washing your face should just be part of your nightly bedtime routine, like brushing your teeth. It cannot be forgotten without resulting in some pretty bad consequences for your skin. Cleansing works as a light exfoliant to prevent clogged pores, acne and promote a smoother, more polished appearance. By cleansing, you give yourself a fresh new pallet for applying skin care products, like serums and moisturizers.

Yes, you can actually wash your face wrong. Washing, not scrubbing, and using the right cleanser are key! Harsh bar soaps and body washes are not made for caring for your face’s delicate skin and can really dry it out or irritate it. The right cleanser will provide PH balance and be able to differentiate between impurities and the natural oils your skin needs to keep to stay healthy.

To cleanse your face and neck:

  • splash your face with warm water
  • work your cleanser over your skin with your fingertips in circular motions
  • splash warm water over your face again to rinse off
  • lightly pat dry
  • apply additional skin care

**TimeLess Medical Spa carries a variety of cleansers and skin care products for all skin types. You can talk to a TimeLess Master Esthetician about the right cleanser for your skin’s needs by scheduling a free skin consultation.

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