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Why is Vitamin C so Important in Skin Care?

Why is Vitamin C so Important in Skin Care? | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Typically, we think of Vitamin C when we are sick or trying to boost our immune system, but it is important for so many other reasons. When it comes to your skin care, Vitamin C should play a major role in your regimen. Sun Damage? Uneven tone? Pigmentation? You name it, and there’s most likely a serum your Esthetician can recommend to help.

An Antioxidant

Our skin combats damaging enemies daily. The sun and pollutants in the air threaten to damage our skin constantly. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a key role in the fight against free-radical damage.  While it cannot be relied on alone for sun protection, studies prove that Vitamin C will limit the damage from UV exposure. And, since sun exposure decreases the naturally-occurring vitamins in our skin, its absolutely vital that we replenish with our skin care routine.

Promotes Collagen Production

Vitamin C also plays an important part in collagen synthesis. Collagen breaks down over time as we age, but replenishing Vitamin C will help collagen get to work repairing any damage. Studies show that the addition of topical Vitamin C significantly decreases wrinkles, photodamage and roughness.

Brightens Skin

Discoloration and brown spots are another problem that Vitamin C can help fight. It can inhibit your skin’s melanin production, thus preventing hyperpigmentation. And it’s also found to be an incredible brightening agent that can lighten brown spots and even skin tone.

You Need This

Vitamin C is truly the Holy Grail of skin care. Add a potent serum to your at-home routine and you are sure to love your skin more than ever. With the right product, your skin will be brighter, tighter and firmer.


For superior application, we recommend Image Skincare’s Vital C products. Schedule a Free Consultation with a TimeLess Master Esthetician to find out more.




Why is Vitamin C so important to your skin care routine?

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