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Weight Loss Program on Promo at 20% off during our Holiday Open House – and for ALL Advanced Laser Procedures and Spa Services

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Weight Loss Promo Ogden UT
Weight Loss Promo during the Open House

A weight loss promo can be an encouraging start for your pre-holiday goal of looking better for the holidays.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year celebrations are just around the corner, and we are here to help you look your best for the coming parties.

Take this chance to have our Weight Loss Program and Advanced Laser Procedures at 20% off on the 12th and 13th of November 2020.

…because it’s all about CONFIDENCE, not vanity.

Weight Loss Promo to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

After experiencing lockdowns due to COVID-19, many have gained weight due to limited physical activity.

Fad diets are all hype but fail to deliver sustainable results.

Try out our TimeLess Medical Weight Loss Program at 20% off during our Holiday Open House on the 12th and 13th of November 2020 and experience the difference.

We believe that weight loss is achieved when you apply a high protein and low-calorie approach that is proven to maintain muscle while reducing fat.

The Obesity Medicine Association recommends our program, and Dr. Brent Williams holds the distinction of being the only Board Certified Physician in Obesity Medicine here in Ogden, UT.

Our clients lose one to two pounds a week on average and experience significant weight loss during the early days of the program.

What’s great about our program? Exercise is not required but is highly recommended. You have the option of exercising if you want to lose weight faster and keep it off longer.

Look Good with a Proven Program for Weight Loss – Now on Promo with Our Advanced Laser Procedures & Other Services

At TimeLess Medical Spa, we also offer laser skin resurfacing procedures that are your best bet in treating fine lines, wrinkles and scars, as well as help enhance skin tone.

Get 20% off on our Hollywood Laser Facial, Picosure and CO2RE CO2 Skin Resurfacing.

The best time to have laser skin resurfacing sessions is during the fall or winter months when the sun is low. Sun exposure is an enemy of laser-treated skin so having the procedure done during the time of the year when people stay indoors more often is ideal.

Best Weight Loss Promo to Start Your Program Right Now

Save up to 20% on our proven and effective weight loss program and advanced laser treatments on the 12th and 13th of November by giving us a call or booking an appointment with us today.

This 20% off promo applies to ALL our services, as well.

Come, indulge and pamper yourself.  You deserve to not only look good but feel good, as well.

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