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Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

After Thanksgiving, it seems like the last month of the year just flies by! It also gets quite overwhelming.

We’ve compiled a list of important self care and weight management tips, as well as ways to keep stress levels down  during the holidays.

Here are TimeLess’ Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season.


It’s okay to enjoy your favorite holiday foods- just don’t go overboard. When you maintain a healthy lifestyle, having some treats and higher calorie meals on special occasions isn’t a big deal.

Fill your half your plate with veggies first, then pile one-quarter up with proteins, and leave the final quarter for moderate servings of starchy sides.


Skip the sugary punches, eggnog and alcoholic beverages to avoid drinking your calories. Drink plenty of water to help you feel full and better metabolize your meals. Add fresh lemon to your water in the mornings to help your body detox.


Volunteer to bring the vegetables, so you know how they are prepared. Steam or oven roast fresh green beans or cauliflower, serve a packed veggie tray with Hummus, bake or mash sweet potatoes. Choose these first and fill half your plate.


Don’t deny yourself; just don’t go crazy at the dessert buffet. It’s the holidays, and you should enjoy your seasonal favorites. Go ahead and have ONE slice of pie or fudge. Just cut a skinny serving- about two thumbnails width.


Keeping up your workout routine throughout the holidays will help you destress, maintain your sanity and keep too many holiday pounds from creeping up.

Focus on making memories. Much of the time, holiday activities center around food, so try to come up with fun and active games or outings to do with your family and friends. Include dancing, or minute-to-win-it games at parties. If you’re a runner, look for a fun holiday-themed race, like a Santa 5K. If the weather is good for it, walk through a beautiful Christmas light display. Locally, we have Ogden’s Christmas Village and Temple Square or Zoo Lights in Salt Lake City.


With so much to do, the holidays can make for a really stressful time of year. We can get caught up in all the commercialism, the shopping and the parties. This can often make us more depressed than joyful. Remember, it’s okay to say “no” to things. Make sure you are getting enough rest, and taking care of yourself. Gift yourself with some alone time here and there to destress and reevaluate what’s most important. Maybe take time for a massage, a facial, or even just a nap!


It’s the holidays, after all. This should be a time of peace and joy. Focus on the things that matter most. Enjoy the time spent with loved ones, and enjoy the good food. If you do go a little overboard here or there, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t let one bad day become a bad week, or a bad season. Just do better tomorrow!

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