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Four Things People Get Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal

Four Things People Get Wrong About Laser Tattoo Removal | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Considering removing the tattoo you just got? Laser tattoo removal is a typically safe, though pricey, option if you’ve grown tired of your tattoo.

Although lasers are helpful, efficient, and effective in tattoo removal, many things need to be clarified about their capabilities. If you’re thinking about permanently engraving those problematic phrases into your forearm or taking the plunge and getting an existing tattoo removed, you should read this first.

But before you learn about the misconceptions, here’s what you should know about laser tattoo removal first. 

What You Should Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattooing is a practice with deep historical roots. Almost half of all millennials, and probably more than a quarter of all Americans, have at least one tattoo.

As the tattooing fad has risen in popularity, so have tattoo removal techniques, reports the American Society for Dermatological Surgery. Removal of a tattoo may be desired for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with the tattoo itself or a desire to start over with a clean slate.

Although getting a tattoo is simple, removing it can be tricky since professional tattoos involve injecting granules of permanent ink beneath the skin. Multiple laser treatments may be required to get the desired results. 

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Lasers can remove tattoos by focusing light on the skin and breaking up the ink’s pigments. Black tattoo ink wholly absorbs all laser wavelengths; hence it is the most usually treated. Which lasers can be used to treat the other colors depends on the color of the pigment.

Visit a tattoo removal expert for an examination and recommendations before attempting removal. The number of treatments needed to get rid of a tattoo depends on factors such as how long it’s been there, how big it is, and what colors are used. How a tattoo gets removed is determined by several factors, including the color of the person’s skin and how deeply the ink has pierced the skin.

Fewer pulses will be required to remove a smaller tattoo than a larger one. In either case, getting rid of a tattoo will ultimately call for several appointments. Throughout several visits, your tattoo should fade to your desired degree.

What People Get Mistaken About Laser Tattoo Removal

Several things could be clarified about how lasers may be used to erase tattoos. Even though some people say it’s an easy process, others say it hurts like hell. If you’re considering getting a laser tattoo removed, it’s essential to know what to expect from the procedure. Some common misunderstandings about the process are addressed here.

Myth 1: Every Clinic Can Perform Laser Tattoo Removal

Where did you find the person who did your tattoos? Did you visit a tattoo artist with good ratings or pick someone randomly? Using a laser to remove a tattoo is a moot point for the same reasons. However many laser salons or spas there may be, you should only get your unwanted hair removed by a qualified expert.

Removing tattoos using a laser is a delicate procedure that needs to be controlled by experts to avoid skin damage. Set up a consultation, stop by, and ensure they know what they’re talking about. Inquire as to the state of the facility, the quality of the equipment used, and the experience and training of the people handling the laser removal procedures.

If you are less than 100% comfortable with your first choice, look into other possibilities and ask as many questions as you like. Ensure your provider is up to par with all regulations pertaining to their industry. Since only New Jersey requires licensed physicians to use a laser, there are fewer hurdles than should be present to offer laser removal in most places.

Myth 2: Laser Tattoo Removal Is Painless

There is some discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal, but anyone who claims otherwise is lying. A similar level of irritation as getting a tattoo should be expected.

Patients rarely report discomfort when a numbing chemical is used with laser tattoo removal. A non-medical professional wouldn’t be able to provide you with a lidocaine injection to numb the region before removing a larger tattoo, but doctors can.

Tattoos of any size can be just as unpleasant to remove with a laser, as the settings are determined by the ink color rather than the tattoo’s dimension. Compared to the persistent pain associated with removing a large tattoo, the pain associated with removing a smaller one may be more bearable for some people.

Myth 3: It’s Easy To Remove Tattoos With Laser Tattoo Removal

It’s a fact of life that not every tattoo is the same. Black ink tattoos are more accessible to conceal than other colors. It may be challenging to get rid of green and blue, but it’s next to impossible to get rid of yellow, white, and purple.

A professional tattoo takes more time and skill since the artist has to use more colors and press the ink deeper into the skin. Tattoos done by amateurs are more accessible to remove due to this and also because they are usually carbon-based, single-colored, and superficially placed. Also, older tattoos are easier to remove with a laser, as the ink will have spread upward over the years.

Myth 4: Laser Tattoo Removal Is For Everyone

Unfortunately, not everyone will find complete relief with laser removal. Removal is more difficult in patients with darker skin tones due to the laser’s physics and nature.

The laser’s attraction to the pigment in the dye may also extend to the melanin in your skin. This means that persons with darker skin tones will have more difficulty removing their tattoos with laser technology. Side effects from a laser treatment, including burns and hyperpigmentation, are amplified in those with darker skin tones.


Despite the widespread misconceptions about the procedure, laser tattoo removal is an effective and safe way to eliminate unwanted ink. Getting in touch with a real expert is the best way to have your questions answered and figure out if laser tattoo removal is proper for you. Timeless Med Spa & Weight Loss tailors its services to the specific needs of each customer by first conducting a consultation to identify their needs and goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want our aesthetic treatments.

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