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The Truth About HCG

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Truth About HCG

Is HCG the new miracle remedy for America’s Obesity Epedemic?  Not according to the American Society of Bariatrics who just issued their position statement on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).  HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy.  It was first used in 1930 by a British physician A.T.W. Simeons who treated children with Frohlich’s syndrome (a condition marked by obesity and delayed development of the reproductive organs).    Dr. Simeons began experimenting with HCG in treating obesity.  He noticed that some of his patients experienced suppressed appetites and reported some reduction in the circumferences of their hips and waists — even though they did not have any noticeable weight loss.

Does HCG Work?

Over the next several years, Simeons placed 500 patients on his HCG diet, which consisted of 125 units of HCG injected daily, six days a week for eight weeks.  The protein recommendation was 40 to 50 grams per day, a leafy vegetable, bread and a fruit with a daily caloric intake of about 500 calories.  He reported that patients who followed the regimen for 40 days lost 20 to 30 pounds, and that 70% of them maintained their weight loss after completing the diet.   His diet was popular in the 1970s and claimed the following:  rapid weight loss, minimal hunger, no weakness and preferential loss of abdominal, thigh, hip and upper arm fat.  Subsequently, however, numerous clinical trials have shown that weight loss is entirely due to calorie restrictions and not to HCG.

HCG Studies

In 1995 a statistical analysis (META) showed no evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity.  While no harmful effects have been reported in the medical literature on HCG injections, no benefit has been identified in using HCG as a means to enhance weight loss.  No studies have been reported of muscle mass changes in patients before and after weight loss with the Simeons method.


Numerous clinical trials have shown HCG to be ineffective in producing weight loss.  The protein intake is lower than advisable in view of current knowledge, and the overwhelming majority of medical reports are critical of the diet.

The position of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians is:

1.     The Simeons method for weight loss is not recommended (500 calorie diet is not recommended and protein is too low)

2.     The Simeons diet is not recommended

3.     The use of HCG for weight loss is not recommended

TimeLess Weight Loss Program

At TimeLess, we adhere to the guidelines of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians in our weight loss program.  We use a higher protein/lower calorie approach, and each diet is personalized to meet the needs of our clients.  We don’t promise rapid weight loss, but advise a weight loss of 1  1/2 to 2 pounds per week.  A slower weight loss with increased protein and reduced sugars promotes healthy, sustained weight loss.

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