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The BEST Summer Vegetables

The BEST Summer Vegetables | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Summer is in full swing, which means gardens are, too! These delicious and nutritious summer vegetables are the ones to snag at your local farmer’s market. Not sure what to do with them once you get home? Don’t worry, we’ve got recipe ideas for you.

Bell Peppers

Red, orange, and yellow bell peppers are sweet, crisp and delicious. They are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants- especially the red ones. Bell Pepper enzymes have been found to reduce the risk of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.

While they make a great summer snack raw, they can be sliced and grilled to brighten up your Mediterranean shish kabobs.


Cucumbers, while mostly water, contain a variety of health benefits. Studies have found that the lignens found in cucumbers are connected with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and several cancer types. Substances in cucumber help fight free radicals and increase antioxidants. Cucumbers are a natural anti-inflammatory, as well.

Cucumbers add a great, refreshing crunch to green salads. Cucumber sandwiches make fresh hors d’oeuvres. And for a refreshing summer drink, slice up cucumbers, lemons and limes in your water.

Zucchini & Summer Squash

Zucchini and squash offer a combination of antioxidant nutrients, manganese, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Zucchinis are linked to overall health maintenance and cancer prevention.

If raw zucchini aren’t your favorite, try roasting seasoned slices in the oven. Zucchini and yellow squash also make a delicious, low carb pasta substitute.


Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins C and K, biotin, potassium and more. Studies have found that tomatoes can increase bone health in women, and decrease the risk of heart disease and neurological diseases.

Tomatoes make a perfect summer snack and add great flavor to green salads. Caprese salad makes a great, light summer meal with grape or cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, fresh mozzarella and drizzled with balsamic and olive oil.

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