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The Best Day-to-Night Skin Care Routine

The Best Day-to-Night Skin Care Routine | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Do you wash your face every morning and every night? If your answer is “no,” you’re certainly not the only person breaking a cardinal skin care rule.

Besides washing your face morning and night, there are plenty of other key steps to maintaining beautiful, glowing skin. Follow this step-by-step skin care routine for morning-tonight and we promise, your skin will thank us.

Cleanse (AM/PM)

While it can be very tempting to crash into bed at night without removing makeup or washing your face, it is important for maintaining healthy skin. Cleansing, especially at night, is vital for removing makeup, dirt, dead skin buildup and environmental pollutants. Left on, all that gunk can clog your pores and damage your skin. So, if you wash your face at night, and then go straight to bed, why would you need to wash it in the morning? Sweat, more dead skin and bacteria are still present overnight and left over on your face come morning. Cleansing is important to begin your day with a fresh palate.

Toner / Spot Treatment (AM/PM)

In the mornings, it is good to follow-up your cleanser with a toner. A toner is great for removing excess dirt, oils and bacteria. Some cleansers, like those from Image Skincare, contain ingredients that illuminate the need for a separate toner. Nighttime is a good opportunity to spot treat problems area after thoroughly cleansing. Take this step to target individual pimples or acneic zones with a salicylic product or spot treat brown/age spots with a hydroquinone serum.

Moisturizer / Serum (AM/PM)

After cleansing, and stripping the skin of essential oils, it is important to rehydrate. A moisturizer or serum will help reintroduce essential oils, vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Ingredients, like antioxidants will help fight environmental pollutants.

Sun Protection (AM)

Every day, no matter what time of year, no matter your expected daily activities you should apply a product with SPF last to top off your skin care routine. Sun protection is the key to anti-aging, avoiding skin cancer, and preserving your skin’s healthy glow. You may opt for a moisturizer with an SPF in it, or apply a separate sunscreen after your daily moisturizer. Whatever you choose, we recommend a minimum of SPF 30 for daily coverage.

Eye Cream (PM)

After applying a nighttime serum, target your under-eye and crow’s feet with an eye cream. Dab product around the outer corners and under your eyes, and massage in. The active ingredients will have time to work their magic, untouched overnight.

Night Cream (PM)

A good night cream is essential to restoring your skin each night. After battling the elements all day, give your skin the time to rehydrate and repair while you sleep. Active ingredients, like retinol or vitamin C work to aid in cellular turnover and lock in nutrients to rehabilitate your skin while you sleep.

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