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Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Holiday Season

Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Holiday Season | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Skin Glowing This Holiday

The holiday season is upon us once more, and we all have our calendars filled up with parties and celebrations, even if it’s the virtual kind.

This is also the time when your skin care routine can get overlooked. With all the family reunions, parties, and shopping for gifts to accomplish, taking care of your skin may fall to the wayside.

Large parties and travel plans may have taken a back seat this year, but the holiday celebrations will still go on.

If you live in a state with bone-chilling weather, your skin gets dry and flaky. Centralized heating systems also make things worse for your skin as it can add to the dryness.

For people with oily and acne-prone skin, the effect of the cold and dry air kicks their pores into overdrive. More oil and acne are the result, which makes skin care all the more important this winter holiday season.

If you want to look your best and have glowing skin during the holidays, there are skin care tips that you can follow.

Importance Of Skin Care

We all know that the holiday season may be the most stressful time of the year.

Dermatologists remind us that food, sleep, weather, booze, and stress during the holidays can mess up our skin. Avoid nasty breakouts every yuletide season by following skin care tips for the season.

The month-long celebration period can wreak havoc on your skin due to the combination of the factors mentioned above. It is common for all these things to happen all at once during periods between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

To help you minimize your holiday skin woes, you should make it a habit to take good care of your skin not just during the holidays but throughout the year.

If you want to beat the holiday skin drama, dermatologists recommend that you keep consistent with your skin care regimen.

Skipping out on your usual routines can lead to unwanted skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

Maintaining your routine can remove dirt, excess oil, and debris, plus keep your skin hydrated.

Skincare routine For The Season

Take Cool Showers

A hot shower on a cold winter morning is a great way to start your day. The problem is, hot water can dry your skin and strip it of its natural oils.

Try to keep hot showers as short as possible, or you may use lukewarm water to beat the cold. Keep in mind that turning up the heat and spending more time in steamy water can damage your skin.

Hydrate Your Skin

The cold air outside can dry out your skin quickly. If you spend plenty of time outdoors, like playing in the snow or watching a football match, your skin can get dehydrated.

Use a moisturizer that is all-natural and organic. Petroleum-based products can block your pores and make things worse.

You may also consider swapping your light moisturizer for a heavier one for the winter.

Eat The Right Food

Indulging on not so healthy foods may not be avoided during a party. But who’s stopping you from getting all the healthy stuff on your plate as well?

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the holiday season. A healthy salad to go with rich foods and sugary treats can be the middle ground your skin needs.

Colorful veggies have plenty of antioxidants that nourish your skin. This can help your skin from drying out. Add the habit of eight or more glasses of water daily to keep skin hydrated.

Holiday treats are the enemy of your skin. Too many sugary desserts can accelerate skin aging by producing free radicals that damage cells.

Try controlling your sweet tooth by opting for healthier alternatives like berries. Skin experts advocate ingestible skin care products. Supplements containing natural tomato extracts helps protect your skin from environmental stress from the inside out.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Just like sugary treats, alcoholic drinks produce free radicals that lead to skin damage. Try to limit the booze by trying a wine spritzer instead. Red wine spritzers are good for you as they contain tons of antioxidants, which is great for your skin.

Alcohol dehydrates your body and it can also give you a dreaded hangover.

Wear Light Make-Up

In cold weather conditions, liquid or gel-based foundations are a good choice for makeup. Stay away from dry powder until spring comes up.

Women come home late from all the partying and end up forgetting to take their make-up off.

Don’t forget to remove make-up before going to bed. When you sleep with your make-up on, pores can get clogged. You may wake up to find bumps and breakouts on your face.

Keep a pack of make-up remover wipes on your bedside table. A convenient solution on days when you can’t wash your face.

Skin Glowing During All The Festivities

Hectic schedules during the holidays can disrupt your skin care routine. If you don’t have time for multiple treatments every week, you can use exfoliating masks as an alternative.

These masks can remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

You can ask your trusted skin care clinic for products they can recommend to combat holiday skin problems. There are moisturizers and skin serums that work great in cold and dry environments.

Consistency with your skin care routine is the best way to combat holiday skin issues. Setting a reminder on your phone can be helpful to make you stick with your skin regimen, no matter how busy you are.

Having a lengthy skin care routine during the holidays can be hard to maintain.

Keep your routine to a minimum by keeping your pH cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF sunscreen handy.

You can go back to your 10 step regimen when your schedule goes back to normal.

If you want great skin during the holidays, you can always go for treatment at your favorite skin clinic. Laser treatment can be the best gift you can give yourself for Christmas.

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