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Should I Use Expired Skin Care Products?

Should I Use Expired Skin Care Products? | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Skin Care Tips

EXFOLIATE: Using a facial scrub will help exfoliate away excess oil, dirt, blackheads and dead skin. Exfoliating before shaving helps to open up pores and lift facial hair to prevent cuts and in-grown hairs.

CLEANSE: We encounter so many pollutants throughout each day that it is necessary to wash off all the dirt and gunk every night.

MOISTURIZE: Applying a moisturizer each night will help soften and hydrate for better-looking skin the next day. A good moisturizer will seal in moisture to repair the skin from the dry air and harsh environments it combats each day. In the mornings, it is important to use a lightweight moisturizer with plenty of SPF to protect your skin.

TimeLess Master Estheticians recommend: Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser, Ojavan Mineral Mud Face & Body Mask, Vital C Anti-Aging Serum and Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32

Shaving Tips

SHAVE CREAM or BEARD OIL: Applying a rich shaving cream will reduce friction for a seamless, pain-free shave. If you are growing out your facial hair, then it is important to moisturize for a smooth, sleek look.

TimeLess Master Estheticians recommend: Ojavan’s natural, unscented body oil and Beautiful Skin essential oil to create your own beard oil- 4-5 drops of essential oil to 30mL bottle of body oil

DON’T SHAVE EVERY DAY: Shaving over ingrown hairs will aggravate the problem, so skip a day or two, if you can, to give your skin a break.

UNPLUG: Avoid electric razors with rotating heads. These can cut the hair off in all sorts of directions, which can cause the hair to grow back in to the follicle.

PERMANENTLY REMOVE HAIR: Laser Hair Removal for both front and back of the neck is an effective way to rid the hair for good. Treatments are affordable and the results are worth it as an alternative to shaving irritation all together.

Men's shaving and beard care tips | TimeLess Medical Spa Skin Care Blog | South Ogden, UT

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