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Doctors advocate for a healthy lifestyle to strengthen the immune system and minimize the risk of serious illness. Healthy lifestyle factors include a balanced diet, regular exercise, sleep, and minimizing stress to name a few. It is critical that you cover all your bases and take a multivitamin daily to support your immune system! It is also important to make sure you are getting much needed vitamins and minerals.

TimeLess recommends vitamins provided by NUTRIEX, a local company created in 1999 by Dr. Thomas Rosenberg, Dr. Randall Olson, and bioengineer Kathleen Deffner. NUTRIEX provides anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition for adults and athletes to help them stay active and if needed recover from injury, surgery, and perform daily tasks.

Our favorite products from NUTRIEX at TimeLess include the Health, Sport and Basic37 Vitamins. We recommend these products because most people only have to take this one product to achieve their RDA (recommended dietary allowance) of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We have been very satisfied with the quality of supplements NUTRIEX provides.


Rosenberg, Olson, and Deffner recognized the advantages of multi-system nutrient supplementation and developed a science panel of experts in a variety of health fields to create the perfect products to support overall health. Working together, they developed products that not only support good nutrition and help you avoid unnecessary drug prescriptions, they use clinically proven ingredients for optimal absorption and higher value over other leading supplements.

NUTRIEX SPORT: For Training & Recovery

NUTRIEX Sport is formulated to counter-balance the high physical demands athletes place on their bodies, including intense training, injury response, and recovery from surgery. It provides therapeutic levels of the cartilage protectors glucosamine and chondroitin and athlete-specific levels of all key nutrients.

NUTRIEX Sport is also ideal for people with moderate to severe pain from osteoarthritis or those recovering from any surgery.

NUTRIEX Sport Supplies 41 key ingredients including cartilage supporting nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and plant sources to name a few.

NUTRIEX HEALTH: #1 Multi-System Multi-Nutrient

NUTRIEX Health is beneficial for all adults who are not undergoing athletic training or who have mild arthritis pain. It provides nearly the same ingredients in NUTRIEX Sport but half the cartilage nutrients.

NUTRIEX Health provides long-term health benefits. Contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant sources, and cartilage protectors. These nutrients are important for musculoskeletal, eye, cardiovascular, neurologic and immunologic health.

NUTRIEX BASIC37: Much More Than a Multivitamin

NUTRIEX Basic37 is their most economical product. It provides more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than the other popular multivitamins on the market and nearly as much as NUTRIEX Sport and Health. Dosage is only two capsules per day.

According to NUTRIEX, “key immune system nutrients include: Vitamins B6, B12, A, D, E, C, folate, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, CoQ10, and DHA (an essential fatty acid found in fish oil), but most daily multivitamins don’t have adequate levels. Nutriex Sport or Health combined with our Omega-3/Fish Oil provide suitable levels of all.”

Thank you NUTRIEX Preventive Health for the quality and reliability of these supplements. We love these at TimeLess!

Information for this article provided by NUTRIEX Preventive Health.

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