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How To Treat Stubborn Belly Fat Without Surgery? – Jump Start with No-Risk Body Sculpting Near Me Ogden UT!

How To Treat Stubborn Belly Fat Without Surgery? – Jump Start with No-Risk Body Sculpting Near Me Ogden UT! | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Treating or removing stubborn fat on your problem areas without surgery can be a long shot, thanks to body sculpting near me in Ogden UT.  TruSculpt 3D body sculpting, Ogden, Utah is a game-changer in body contouring and fat reduction. Suppose you are looking for a non-invasive laser procedure to reduce fat in targeted areas. In that case, body sculpting treatment is the best option for you. While it is proven to treat stubborn fat in problem areas, it is not the solution to fight obesity.

There are many kinds of body sculpting, a surgery which is an invasive treatment, and non-surgical, a painless fat reduction procedure to tighten and sculpt your problem areas such as your abdominal area, arms, and thighs. These treatments aim to tone and to give you a fit body.

Whether you want to avoid the severity of some health conditions or want to bring back your confidence, there are ways to eliminate stubborn fat.  First, let’s get to know the factors that contribute to having excess belly fat.

What causes stubborn belly fat? – body sculpting near me

Poor Diet

A high-sugar, low protein diet can cause excess fat tissues in your midsection area. A balanced diet does not necessarily mean to have a calorie-deficit diet; it means to eat healthily and in small portions or moderation. The goal in eating healthy is to feed the proper nutrition your body needs. Consulting with an obesity medicine practitioner can help you create the appropriate diet for you to follow.

Too Much Alcohol

Have you ever heard of a beer belly? Beer consumption is the primary reason that contributes to excess weight on your midsection. Too much alcohol intake slows down your body’s absorption process, making it difficult for your body to absorb the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

Lack of Physical Activity

A stationary lifestyle is a significant contributor to accumulating fat cells in your belly area.  When you consume more calories than you’re burning off, it results in fat retention in your midsection area. That is why it is never good to sit too long; you need to stretch yourself in between.


When you are constantly in a high-level stress state, your body will produce more stress hormones. Cortisol is responsible for sending signals to your body to crave sugar-rich foods, affecting your metabolism process. Engaging in stress-relieving activities such as yoga, socializing with friends, or a pleasant stroll in the park can reduce stress and creates a cheerful disposition in life.

Poor Quality of Sleep

Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep can lead to unhealthy eating habits and emotional eating, which can cause excess belly fat. Poor quality of sleep and short duration of sleep is detrimental to the development of abdominal fat. It is best always to have a good quality of sleep to minimize stubborn belly fat.

Alternative Ways to Get rid of Belly Fat – body sculpting near me

Let’s look first at how we can improve our health habits and lifestyle for a healthier and leaner body.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

With many fad diets out there, deciding what kind of diet is good for you can be overwhelming. A healthy balanced diet doesn’t mean that you have to go into the calorie-deficit diet. Too much calorie deficit may not provide you the needed energy that you need to make it through the day. Eating healthy means choosing food with the proper nutrition that you need for your body. A professional’s guidance is vital in creating a healthy balanced diet for you.

Incorporate Daily Exercise into your Daily Routine

Regular exercise can help contribute to weight loss in the long term. Choose the kind of exercise that you enjoy, and you can change it from one form to another to keep you going. Set a time to do a few stretches and light exercise, even for 15 minutes daily routine. It will go a long way to help you get rid of belly fat. A sedentary lifestyle is a significant contributor to accumulating abdominal fat.

Sleep and Relaxation

Sleep deprivation is a significant contributor to weight gain. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep to give your body enough time to reset and rejuvenate. Besides that, have some me-time at times, learn a new hobby, have a little chit-chat, catch up with friends, and do the things you enjoy. Having a little me-time is everything for your overall health and wellness.

What are the different types of non-surgical body sculpting treatments near me to treat stubborn belly fat?

truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting Treatment

truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting Treatment the new dimension in body sculpting technology. This type of body sculpting treatment uses a multi-dimensional approach to fat reduction around your circumference. It is the latest non-invasive laser technology to shape and contour your body. With just one session, you’ll see visible results already. It delivers and holds clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve clinical efficacy in the shortest possible time. You can avail this truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting Treatment at Timeless Medical Spa and Weight Loss Ogden, Utah.


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that stems from the science of cryolipolysis. It uses cold temperatures to target and destroys fat cells in various areas of your body. The cold temperatures freeze the targeted area’s fat cells, but the surrounding tissue is left unchanged. It usually requires you to complete multiple CoolSculpting treatment sessions to maximize shape and contour results.


Ultrashape uses ultrasound technology specifically designed to reduce fat cells from your abdomen area. However, you need to undergo a three-treatment session to optimize this kind of body sculpting treatment. It would take a few months to see optimal results.

Why Choose truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting near me at Timeless Medical Spa and Weight Loss Ogden, UT?

Only a few bodies sculpting treatments offer skin tightening. TruSculpt 3D Body Sculpting Treatment removes cellulite and tightens your skin after this non-surgical body sculpting procedure. Get rid of love handles, mushroom belly, and saddlebags with this FDA-approved body shaping and contouring procedure has proven effective with no downtime. Call us today at 801-475-4300 or visit our website and book your truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting today! Avail of our Holiday Open House on the 18th and 19th of November and get 20% off on all services.

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