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How to jump-start your weight loss amidst the pandemic- Weight loss program near me

How to jump-start your weight loss amidst the pandemic- Weight loss program near me | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Obesity has been a chronic problem for most Americans. Many wanted to get out of obesity and achieve a healthier and leaner body. If you’re going to jump-start your weight loss the right way, look for a weight loss specialist near me. Right here in Ogden, Utah, TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss is a certified obesity medicine specialist providing high-quality weight loss programs tailor-fit to different body needs.

While the whole country is still battling with the uncertainties of this pandemic, it is high time that we take extra care of our health. Though there is a wide availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, this pandemic should serve as a wake-up call for us to fight morbid obesity and our general health.  A recent study shows how vulnerable those who have obesity issues are that there are high chances of developing pneumonia associated with COVID-19 symptoms. Let us now dive right into how you are going to jump-start your weight loss amidst the pandemic.

5 Tips on how to jump-start your weight loss amidst the pandemic – weight loss program near me

Make a Personal Plan

Create an innovative personal plan to visualize what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. Your project should follow the SMART method in setting up your goals. Changing your weight mindset, eating habits, and lifestyle may take longer than you expected. You need to be aware that you need to move into different phases in your weight loss journey to keep moving forward to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Find Out Your Body Composition

Knowing your muscle mass and fat relationship is essential in finding out what contributes to your weight gain. A medical weight loss program should understand what your body is composed of and how to make a change to your body considering your health condition. At TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss, we order laboratory results to check what contributes to your weight gain. Once we have these data, these are translated into the action plan, with weekly targets to keep on point to reach your goal.

Find a Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Coach

Getting professional help for your weight loss journey is the most significant move to a healthier and leaner you. Having the proper guidance, right treatment, appropriate plan for your weight loss journey is key to achieving your health and fitness goals. A weight-loss specialist also serves as an accountable partner for you to ask questions and the correct information about weight loss. A weight-loss specialist will keep your spirits up whenever you feel down or whenever you’re losing the motivation to hit your weight goal. Besides that, getting professional help will save the countless time of researching and trial and error to see what works for your weight loss journey.

Find the Right Diet

You do not have to go right into any calorie-restrictive diet. You have to start slowly, and it starts with having the right mindset towards food. Labeling food, whether they’re good or bad, will only increase your interest in eating more. The goal is to start making lifestyle changes and aim for eating healthy. It does not mean that you have to starve yourself, but eating in moderation and feeding what your body needs. It should be the quality of nutrition that you get versus the quantity.


Getting fit and fab shouldn’t be the only thing that you need to focus on. Achieving a healthier and leaner body includes not only your physical health but also matters your mental and spiritual health. Do the things that you enjoy doing aside from the weight loss activities. More importantly, aim for good sleep. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep is a significant contributor to weight gain and increase sugar cravings.

At certain times you may feel demotivated with your loss journey, even when you are in a medical weight loss program. Here are some ways to find endless motivation in your weight loss journey.

Tips for finding endless weight loss motivation- weight loss program near me

Reframe your weight loss success

Typically, the leading indicator of your weight loss success is dropping off some pounds and seeing fewer register on the scale, but it’s not only the numbers. Instead, look for this progress: your amount of energy you have right now, how about a more petite pant’s size? Or less joint pains? See the changes? These are some of the benefits of having a healthier body. Your weight loss specialist or doctor would agree that weight management contributes to a healthier you.

Think of the little progress that you achieved

Accomplishing small goals add up to a more significant positive result. Instead of focusing on your bigger goals, celebrate those little wins that you had. Remember that these small goals you achieved are vital in attaining your significant health and fitness goals. A little goes a long way. Cutting down a few excess pounds every single day adds up to your significant health and weight goals.

Find Like-Minded People

Surrounding yourself with people who supports your weight loss journey and creating healthy habits is a significant motivational factor in your health and wellness success. Spend more time with people who keep you motivated to learn more about taking care of your health and wellness. Invest your time in spending your time in wellness centers and healthcare communities.

Give yourself a Social Media Break.

In most social media pages, you see ultra-attractive images promoting perfection can be detrimental in keeping yourself on track to your weight loss goals. We are flooded with superficial photos every day; you’ll see many men and women with perfect bodies. Feeding your mind with these photoshopped photos is no good. Remember that you’re all good for as long as you’re consistent in achieving your health and fitness goals, and you don’t have to validate it on social media rampage.

Visualize your Future

Picture yourself with a healthy body, happy on your skin. Imagery in your mindset is an influential motivational factor towards your weight management success. Having a positive outlook increases your chances of making it happen in reality.

Why choosing the right weight loss specialist near me is essential?

Fighting obesity and losing weight on your own is not easy. There’ll be times when you’ll be doubting yourself if you can make it. That is why joining a weight loss program helps in achieving more significant health and fitness goals. Having the ideal weight for you is so much easier with a doctor’s help or a weight loss specialist. A weight-loss specialist knows and understands how you feel and knows how to address your body’s needs. At TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss in Ogden, Utah, we value our patients and help them achieve optimal health.

Choose TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss, your weight loss program clinic in Ogden, Utah.

TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss have been providing high-quality weight loss programs and the latest technology in beauty and skincare. Our clients are delighted with our products and services, and we couldn’t agree more. We have been receiving excellent customer reviews over time. Call us today at 801-475-4300 or visit our website and book your weight loss appointment today! Avail of the best deals in shedding off summer pounds and get 10% off for new starts and restarts over a year. You’ll also get a 15% off a package for five tattoo removals and 10% off on all sunscreens.

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