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How Much Protein Does a Body Need?

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Consuming high-quality protein is a key part of any  weight-loss or work-out program.  Protein plays an essential role in maintaining, repairing and increasing your lean body mass (LBM).   Lean body mass refers to the metabolically active part of your body, encompassing  muscles, tissues, fluids, and organs.  Ideally you want to maintain or enhance your lean body mass while shedding unnecessary and unwanted fat.  Therefore, a recommended daily amount, in grams, of a complete protein is needed to properly serve your vital LBM.  This amount is calculated based on your level of exercise and your curent LBM weight.

  1. Sedentary.  Virtually no physical activity at all.  In this case, your protein should be calculated at 0.5 grams per pound of LBM.  Sedentary = 0.5
  2. Moderately Active.  Average physical activity, 20-30 minutes of exercise two to three times per week.  Protein need in this case is 0.6 gram per pound LBM.  Moderately active = 0.6
  3. Active.  Participating in organized physical activity for more than 30 minutes three to five times per week.  Active= 0.7
  4. Very Active.  Vigorous physical activity lasting an hour or more five plus times per week.  Very active= 0.8
  5. Athlete. Competitive athlete in training, twice daily physical workouts for 1 hour plus.   Athlete = 0.9

(Eades, M., Eades, M., Protein Power . 1996)

TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic offers a complete body composition analysis for our clients, determining lean body mass, fat mass, and total body water.   TimeLess also offers high-quality protein products that can increase LBM for overall better health.

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