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Halloween Tricks to Stay Away from Treats

Halloween Tricks to Stay Away from Treats | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

Halloween is just the start of a loooong season holiday season filled with treats and sweets. When you’re constantly surrounded by sugary temptation, it can be hard to maintain healthy moderation and not go bonkers in all the goodies.

Here are some Halloween tricks to help stay away from treats:

  • Focus your Halloween Party around games and spooky fun, instead of candy and sweets.
  • Instead of driving, put on your running shoes and race from house to house with your trick-or-treaters.
  • Buy your least favorite candy for handing out, then you won’t be tempted to indulge.
  • Don’t hand out candy at all! The Teal Pumpkin Project encourages people to give out non-food treats for trick-or-treaters for those with food allergies to enjoy. By putting a teal pumpkin on your porch, passersby will know that you have safe treats for their little ghouls.
    • glow sticks
    • bubbles
    • stickers
    • temporary tattoos
    • pencils & erasers
    • arcade prizes
  • Get rid of leftovers and don’t keep candy in the house during the holiday season.
  • Ration out daily allowances for your kids AND for yourself.
  • As always, drink PLENTY of water to stay fuller and wash out toxins.

What are some of your tricks for avoiding Halloween Treats? Comment and tell us!

halloween Tricks to Stay Away from Treats // How to avoid candy and sweets during Halloween , by TimeLess Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Ogden Utah

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