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5 Reasons to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal Service

5 Reasons to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal Service | South Ogden, UT | Timeless Med Spa

There are times in our life when we make hasty decisions and don’t realize the consequences. Getting a tattoo is one of those decisions, and it’s a good thing to know that we have a laser tattoo removal service available today. Tattoos are meant to be permanent, and as we go on through life, we realize that having one is not a good idea.

Tattoos can affect your personal life and career because they are often associated with people who have gone to jail. Although society is now more open to tattoos as a means of self-expression, there are still white-collar jobs that you won’t get because you have visible tattoos on your body.

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Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal Service

If you come to the point where you want to remove the permanent ink in your body, you don’t have to worry. Laser tattoo removal service can help you remove your tattoo and clear your skin. The technology available today is leaps and bounds ahead of what we had in the past. Here are the advantages of having your tattoo removed through lasers.


Laser tattoo removal is a convenient way to have your past erased as you move forward. The treatment uses a high-powered laser that penetrates the skin and forces the pigment particles to vibrate. The heat generated from the laser light causes the particles to break into smaller pieces so they can be flushed out through our lymphatic system.

The action is quick and precise as light energy combined with a specialized lens converts energy into pressure for indelible ink removal. For smaller tattoos, treatment can be done in as little as 10 minutes. For bigger and multi-colored ink, you can be in and out of the clinic after an hour or more. The results are not immediate as your tattoo should fade after each treatment.

No Scarring

The laser used in tattoo removal is designed to leave your healthy skin cells alone. This lowers the possibility of scarring compared to other abrasive methods like ‘sanding’ the skin. Laser technology sends intense energy below your skin without harming the surface area. It treats the source of the problem without affecting the surrounding areas.

Treatments are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow your body to process and flush out the ink particles.


What’s good about laser technology is that it taps your body’s resources to help with tattoo removal. The energy waves that break down the ink also causes your body to respond by healing itself. The response includes more collagen and elastin production and ink removal through the lymphatic system.

Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest procedures you can get. The risk of infection is low, and only a few undesirable side effects are known to occur after treatment.

Minimal Recovery

Laser technology in the past was slower in reaching the intended target. This resulted in burning and skin irritation, which left painful sores on your skin. The good news is that today’s modern lasers are quick and powerful, making the procedure less painful than before. You will still feel a little discomfort, but it is bearable compared to having a tattoo. You can ask your clinic for topical numbing agents if your pain tolerance is low.

After your laser treatment, you need to avoid your skin from UV rays for a few days. A minimal amount of redness and tenderness may occur, but these effects will wear out in a few days. There is no downtime after treatment, as you can continue with your daily routine.

Specific or Entire Tattoo Removal

With laser tattoo removal, you can remove a particular tattoo or have all of your tattoos erased. Your tattoo removal expert can let you know how many visits it will take before your tattoo starts to fade. This means less treatments for small tattoos and more for larger ones.

Old lasers had difficulty in removing specific ink colors like blue, green, and bright colors. The latest lasers can break up these inks just like thick and stubborn black lines.

Wearing a tattoo carries a negative stigma in the workplace. If you want to retain some tattoos, you can have your visible tattoos removed and keep the ones that can’t be noticed while you are at work.

Timeless Medical Spa: For the Latest Laser Tattoo Removal Service with PicoSure

Getting a tattoo is an expensive and painful procedure. You should think twice before getting one because the ink is permanent. If you want to have the indelible ink removed, you can use our laser tattoo removal service at Timeless Medical Spa.

You don’t have to live with regret regarding your unwanted tattoo. Lightening and removal is now possible with our PicoSure laser technology.

Why you should avail of our laser tattoo removal service:

  • Our PicoSure treatment is the only laser platform with a wavelength option that can treat a full-color spectrum of inks
  • Our laser can treat red, yellow, and orange ink
  • We offer the best alternative to skin-damaging tattoo removal treatments like acid removal, dermabrasion, or excision.
  • Our master esthetician will design a treatment plan for you based on ink type, size, and placement
  • We offer a numbing agent to make your laser tattoo removal service experience as comfortable as possible
  • We can help lighten a tattoo in preparation for a complete cover-up tattoo

At Timeless Medical Spa, we can help you remove tattoos faster and easier. Our Picosure laser is famous for its technology, proven performance, and unmatched clinical versatility. Our treatment is not only for those who want their tattoos removed, it can also be used for tattoo lovers who want their designs updated or redone.

Our laser tattoo removal service is safe and proven effective. Visit our clinic today to find out if this is the right procedure for you. You can also call us or send a message on our website. We would gladly answer any queries you may have about the procedure.

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