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10 Specific Goals for Better Health in 2020

10_Specific Goals for Better Health in 2020 | Timeless Med Spa | South Ogden, UT

Every new year people set goals and make resolutions and, more often than not, at least one of those goals is to lose weight. According to a study by the University of Scranton, about 80 percent will fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. That sounds really discouraging, but don’t give up hope!

Be Specific and Realistic with Your Goals

When it comes to setting goals, it’s all about being specific and realistic. It’s important to set goals that are much more targeted than “lose weight,” or more achievable than “start going to the gym every day.” If you set broad and unrealistic goals you’re bound to be frustrated and disappointed. Which will likely end up with you feeling like a failure and giving up.

First of all, it’s important to be realistic. Remember that slow and steady weight loss is healthy and sustainable. That means you aim to lose just 1-2 pounds a week. Your body may naturally lose more in the beginning due to the shift in your diet. While that may feel exciting, don’t expect to see large numbers drop consistently. Eventually, you may also experience plateaus on your journey, and that is okay. Do not expect perfection. Expect to give it your best, and offer yourself some grace.

Second, be specific. Health is about more than weight loss. Instead of setting a weight loss goal in pounds, make specific health goals. Making a variety of changes to your diet and lifestyle will help you to lose weight.

A Goal Unwritten is Just a Wish

Lastly, remember that a goal unwritten is just a wish. So, create a goal journal or a vision board for what you aim to accomplish in 2020.

It is important that you come up with your own list of goals that work for you. We’ve come up with 10 ideas to get you started.

Here are 10 Specific Goals for Better Health in 2020:

  1. Walk briskly for 30 minutes 5 days per week.
  2. Log your food every day to ensure you’re reaching your protein goal and staying within your calorie budget.
  3. Gym membership? Go to your gym for an hour twice this week.
  4. Lose 5% of your body fat in one month.
  5. If you are at a restaurant, cut your meal in half and put it in a to-go container when your meal is served.
  6. Reach your step goal 5 days per week (unless recovery is necessary).
  7. Use your blender bottle to drink 3 full bottles of water everyday (or half your body weight in ounces).
  8. Cut your soda intake in half this week, and in half again next week.
  9. Find a new healthy recipe to make once a week.
  10. Meal prep every weekday.





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