Mandy Timeless BeforeMandy Chapple

In May of 2014 I had hit my highest weight at 309 pounds and knew it was time for a change.  I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to be athletic again.  I had watched a friend at work lose over 50 pounds and she inspired me to start my change.  I found Timeless online and decided to make a consultation appointment.  I wanted and needed accountability, but I couldn’t have ever imagined how big of an influence the ladies and Dr. Williams had on me.

Right from the start they tailored my nutrition plan based on my body and my needs.  We set out a plan that would help me be successful and also to hold me accountable at my weekly weigh-ins.  I started the journey in June of 2014 and have lost 127 pounds! The bulk on my weight loss (100 pounds) came off in 11 months, and the rest took another year.  Currently I am on maintenance mode and after 2 ½ years I’m still coming over to “grocery shop” and weigh in.

What I love the most about Timeless are the ladies who give you guidance and become your biggest cheerleaders.  Weight loss is an up-and-down journey, and by no means an easy process; but they teach you to take it one meal, one day, and one week at a time.  There is no simple, easy method for losing weight; no quick infomercial to help you solve the riddle of losing weight.  It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to make this a lifestyle change as opposed to a diet.

Anytime people ask me “how’d you lose your weight?” I am always quick to Mandy Timeless Afterrecommend the amazing ladies and Dr. Williams at Timeless! I know without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn’t have done this on my own.  The best part about Timeless is they won’t sugarcoat the truth.  It’s time to make a change, it’s time to be happy, and most importantly it’s time to be healthy!

I have never felt better! Losing the weight was the hardest and yet most fulfilling
accomplishment I have done in my life.  I look at food now as a way to fuel my body not something I can’t live without; trust me, white bread, pasta, and chocolate are things you won’t ever miss after seeing the results.  I’m excited to step into a store and not head toward the Plus section. I’m playing sports again, and I’m running and playing with my son. Making that appointment in June of 2014 was the best decision I ever made for myself, for my family, and for all those who ask “how’d you lose that weight?”

Chris Erickson BeforeChris Erickson

Master Instructor/Owner | West Coast World Martial Arts Ogden Utah School

I have struggled with weight for most of my life due to hormone and thyroid issues. It’s been difficult  to compete both professionally and as a fighter, even after doing all the “right things.” In 2004, I began competing in marathons and triathlons, but gained 60 pounds. Fed up and frustrated, I began a 13-year quest to find a solution to my weight problem. I tried many diets, visited doctors, hospitals, and weight loss clinics the little or no success. Oftentimes, I did special diets at the expense of my kidneys, which began to hurt so bad that I couldn’t continue and the weight would come flooding back. I couldn’t find ANYONE who could explain why the weight gain was happening in the first place.

In 2015, my wife found TimeLess Medical Spa and encouraged me to give it a try. I was skeptical, but I am sooooChris Erickson with award No. 1 Trainer glad I tried it!! Their facility is top notch, clean, and the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly, to the point where my weekly visits became like visiting family. Dr. Williams and his wife Debbie truly know their stuff and helped me find answers to which I was seeking. They are lifestyle oriented and NOT a quick fix. They are open to assisting through a series of options to help you personally. They are the best place to help make lasting change and assist with weight loss I have found anywhere, bar-none! Weekly visits to my counselor to check my progress and make dietary adjustments, and medical adjustments with a real doctor all added to my success. What I found especially useful was that I could eat real food, found in the real world and still be successful. Their in-store food actually tastes like real food and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I have lost 75 pounds and I’m still going strong due to the sustainability of my plan. They even help you after you meet your goal. I highly recommend anyone who needs help and has unsuccessfully tried other programs to check out TimeLess Medical Spa & Weight Loss.

Delana Roper

delana-before-and-after-side-by-side1-300x259I have been on many diets through the years, and I can honestly say this is the only weight loss plan that has actually worked.  The other plans worked temporarily, but I could only follow them for a month of two.  I would lose, but always gained the weight back and then some.

I was looking through Hometown Values one day and saw your ad.  I needed to do something to get my energy back and my blood pressure down.  I figured why not?  I’ve tried everything else.

I was put on a plan and I just followed it.  I didn’t cheat.  I just did what I was supposed to do.  No one was as shocked as I was to learn that it really works!!!  I followed my plan and I went from a size 16 to a 7-8 in eight months, also my blood pressure is great now.

I am not saying it was easy (even though after about four weeks it gets easier), but I am saying the results are life changing.  I feel great and my health and energy are fantastic.I love you guys!

Jarad Winterton

Jared-WintertonIt all started about a year ago. I was looking at my life and thinking to myself … what am I doing with my life? I was making good money, was really successful with my real estate career and everything was perfect – except for my self- esteem, with my physical image I felt like a bloated and rounded out cow. I had many issues with breathing and heartburn, especially at night, and going up and down a flight of stairs, forget it, I couldn’t breathe. I just plain and simply wanted more out of my life!!!

So I got the ad in my local magazine, and I went into TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic and had a consultation with Dr. Williams!! I was so excited to start my new journey with some help, because when you start out weighing 270 lbs you need that extra help and motivation to help push you out of that comfort zone. I got set up with a plan that included great food options and meal replacements. Over the next couple of months I went in weekly for accountability and monitoring and I was losing 4-6 pounds of fat each week. I was loving it! I went from a size XXL shirt and 38″ waist to a medium shirt and 32″ waist. I went from an obese 270lbs to an average 195lbs in 4 months. I was in love with my new outlook on life and obviously I fell in love with the gym, and I am going to continually maintain my new life I have been able to find through the help of the staff and Dr. Williams.

Obviously when you lose 70 lbs you can have places on your body that you wish would shrink up more than they do, like the stomach, back, inner thighs and love handles (got to love those). I asked the Doctor if there was something else I could do. I didn’t want to do liposuction or laser lipo because those procedures leave scars and are super expensive per area. I had stretch marks on my sides and stomach and didn’t want any more scarring. The Doctor suggested Lipodissolve. When he told me about it, I thought that would be perfect. It was 6 treatments every other week for 3 months. I wanted something that wasn’t an overnight fix because that’s not my mentality, to have fat today gone tomorrow, which I know would be preferred by most, but not me. Compared to the other options, Lipodissolve cost about 1/6 less. I started with my love handles and within a month and a half I could see changes. At the end of the 6th treatment I was blown away with my results :), so I decided to do my stomach, then my inner thighs and back! I am amazed with the results! I love it!! But I love the staff and the Doctor more. I can’t think of a more perfect way to change your life. Thank you so much TimeLess Medical Spa for changing my life for the better!!

Much love.
February 2014


Chelsee beforeI found out about Timeless Medical Spa and Weight Loss from my sister who had joined the program and had great results. At that time I had been going to Weight Watchers for about five years and had plateaued the last two years I was going. I was encouraged from my sister who told me many times that she never felt starving or deprived from this program. I knew I was ready for a change and was willing to do what it took to get the results I had seen from my sister.

When I started in April 2010 I weighed 170 pounds. I worked with Dr. Williams and the staff at Timeless weekly. I was strict to their meal plans and exercised 5 days a week. I started seeing the weight come off and only wanted to continue. By October 2010 I had lost 45 pounds and felt better than I ever had before. I went from wearing a size 12-14 to now wearing a size 4-6. I have never been this small in my life and feel great!

I am now training to run a half marathon in May and the Ragnar Wasatch Back in June. I have continued to weighChelsee after in at least two times a month while trying to maintain my current weight. I am so happy with how I look and the way I feel. I love the staff at Timeless and have had such a great experience working with them. Thanks Timeless!

Gina Herbert

My weight has been something I have been battling for most of my life. As a 911 dispatcher I work a stressful job, sitting through long shifts, and I was snacking out of boredom. There is a never ending supply of junk food in a dispatcher center. I felt just miserable. I was tired all the time and had no energy to exercise. I couldn’t do any fun things I used to love, like hiking. The more miserable I felt, the more junk I ate and the worse I became. One day at work while I was ranting about my misery, a co-worker told me about TimeLess. I said to myself, “why not?” I had tried everything else but had no staying power. The staff at TimeLess was so nice. I was very embarrassed going in at 5’4” 215 lbs., but they gave me confidence, and for once I felt like I could make a change for the good. The program was easy to follow, and the accountability they provided kept me on track. With the help and support of the TimeLess staff, my weight seemed to just fall off. Now I feel great and I’m half the size I was!!! I am having the most fun doing all the outdoor things I enjoy like hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, and running. I can do so many more things now that I have never been able to do, and I am stronger than I have ever been. I feel amazing.

To the entire staff at TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic, I want to say THANK YOU for helping me become the person I knew I was.

Jana Smullen

Original weight before joining: 145 lbs.

I was apprehensive at first. I had met my goal weight of 130 pounds at weight watchers the summer of 2010 and had gained back 15 pounds the fall of 2010. I was back to trying to lose weight again and was very frustrated because weight watchers was not working for me anymore.

I really feel appreciative of the support I have received here at Timeless during my weight loss journey. Everyone has been so encouraging to me even when I couldn’t decide what my goal weight should be. It ended up being 5 pounds less than my previous goal.

Total weight loss: 20 pounds and 4 pant sizes!

How has your healthy lifestyle benefited you?
I feel so good! I have so much more energy. I don’t stress about wearing pants that are pulling or uncomfortable because I’m wearing a size too small. I feel good about eating healthy and providing healthy meals, not only for myself, but my whole family.

Meleesa Skidmore

Meleesa beforeI found out about Timeless Medical Spa and Meleesa AfterWeight Loss from a couple of friends who had joined the program and had great results. At that time I had just had my fourth child and was trying to get the baby weight off from four children. I also was encouraged because both friends, after asking them many questions, never stated that they felt like they were starving or deprived like other diets I had tried. I also have distant family that have Type II Diabetes and I thought if I picked a lifestyle that would help me have great habits now that I might prevent this disease from happening to me later in life.

When I started Timeless in April of 2009 I weighed 160 pounds. I worked with Dr. Williams and the staff at Timeless. I strictly adhered to their meal plan and exercised 5-6 days a week. I didn’t feel deprived and the weight came off. By November, I had lost 30 pounds and felt great. I now weigh 130 pounds and I am in sizes of clothes that I wore in high school. I went from my heaviest at a size 12 down to a size 4-6. Since then I have run a half marathon and the number 3 leg in the Epic Relay from Logan to Teton Village in Jackson Hole, WY. I feel great and I love the support that I get from the staff at Timeless. I know I have been able to keep the weight off by weighing in at least every 2 weeks since then so that I am accountable for what I put in my mouth every day. I have kept the weight off for almost a year and a half. I am so happy that I have had this experience and I feel awesome! If I fall off the wagon and gain a few pounds, I know I can get back on and in a couple of weeks get those pounds off by sticking to their meal plan and exercise. Thanks Timeless!

Kym May

My daughter’s graduation from high school was such an emotional day for me. I was so proud, so excited for her to start her adult life and also sad that she was starting her adult life! I knew I would be seeing family members and friends that day that I hadn’t seen in a long time and was feeling really embarrassed about my appearance. It was confirmed when I looked at the many pictures taken that day and I really saw the way I looked. How unfortunate that embarrassment had to be a part of that very special day.

My yo-yo dieting started when I was a young mom. I had put on weight and lost it several times, but had never been successful at keeping it off for more than a few years. A friend of mine had started a program and had lost a noticeable amount of weight. When I asked her how she was doing it, she said it had been at Timeless Medical Spa and told me how great Dr. Williams was and how really personable and supportive his staff was. I considered it for a few months and knew it was time to do something. I was 43 and knew women into their 50’s and 60’s that were still really struggling with their weight. I had already been doing that for 20 years and did not want to continue the struggle for the next 20 -30 years of my life. Life is too short! I wanted to be done with that struggle. I was tired of the self-loathing. I also knew that as we age, weight can really add to health problems so it wasn’t just a vanity issue.

I met with Angie, Deb and Dr. Williams in November and was on my way. I lost 50 pounds in six months and am in the maintenance phase. I have lost four sizes and back down to where I was in high school and my early 20’s. I really could not have done it without the support of these very caring, supportive people. They really do care about me as a person. I met my goal (surpassed it even) and they are still there to support me, which I need now just as much as I did as when I was losing. They have shown me how to “wean” myself from their products and to eat regular food and still follow their plan. (Although, I still eat a protein bar every day – they are THAT good.)

I have confidence that with their help, I can maintain this healthy new weight and if I do slip a little, they will be right there to get me back on track. On any other weight loss program I tried, when I met my goal, the ties were cut and I was on my own. It’s rare that you
are taught not only how to lose weight, but maintain your new weight. I confided in Dr. Williams that I was a little nervous when I was getting close to my goal because I wasn’t sure I could maintain it once I lost it. He told me that they look at weight loss as a long-term health issue and I could still do weekly weigh-ins if I felt I needed it and they would all be right there if the weight started creeping back. It feels so good now to run into people I haven’t seen in a long time and actually not be embarrassed about the way I look. I can’t thank them enough for the confidence they helped me get back and replacing the self-loathing with being proud of myself for this big accomplishment. There is really nothing like being proud of myself for a change.

Susan Moss

November 23, 2009

November 21, 2008 on my 28th anniversary that I started going to Dr. Williams and the team at Timeless Medical Spa and Weight Loss.  My husband and I knew we needed to change our lifestyles.  I was tired of being overweight, but it seemed that nothing I did worked.  I was very uneasy when I learned my breakfast was a shake and I got a bar for a snack.  I love food – which is what got me in the shape I was.  I didn’t want to give food up, but I knew what I tried in the past didn’t work.

It wasn’t very long before the pounds started coming off.  That motivated me to stick with the program and helped me control my eating.  I combined exercise w/ the meal program starting the exercise level low at first and then increasing as I became more fit.  I hit my target weight 10 months after starting the program.  I not only look the best I have in close to 30 years, but I feel great!   I used to dread buying new clothes, now I love it! I battled off 60 pounds and dropped from a size 18 to a size 8.  I’ve learned tricks to control my eating and help me continue to keep the lifestyle change that I need to stay thin.

Rita Wilson

September 24, 2009

You took a chance on me one year ago and I took that chance, this gift, to finally shed this weight that’s made me unhappy for so long; what a year it’s been.

My whole outlook on life is so much more clear.  As my body became less “cluttered” with fat, so did every aspect of my life.  I “decluttered” my body, my home, my brain.  Everything has more clarity; as I walk for exercise or work out at the gym, problems are easier to solve, challenges are much less daunting.  So, not only did my physical appearance change, so did my mental well being.  It’s amazing.

I’m not embarrassed any longer to do summer activities with my husband and grandkids.  We spent many hours at Lagoon, the pool, riding bikes….I didn’t have to bear the summer heat in jeans and XL tee shirts or avoid going to summer parties because I was too large to wear something cool….no more XL clothes for me;  yes, I even wore shorts and a swimsuit.  From a size 16 to a now 4/6!!  A family member recently sent me pictures from 2 years ago at a grandson’s birthday party…I looked absolutely miserable and so unhappy; who should look like that at a birthday party?  As painful as it was to look at them, I will keep them to reinforce my resolve to never go back to how I used to look.  The change is dramatic and I love it.

To say this program was easy…..I can’t, but it was far from hard.  The hardest part is breaking bad habits and forming new ones.  We’re given the tools and knowledge to make better food choices, to incorporate exercise and when you follow the diet, the weight comes off.  I can’t think of a better way to do it and see results that fast.  Because of the information we’re given, once the weight is off, with the proper amount of good carbs and protein, portion control, and adequate exercise, there is no reason the weight won’t stay gone forever.  I feel very confident about my future and should I encounter a struggle, I know these kind folks will be there for me, as will my family.

Several family members are now losing weight and exercising; they said that I was their inspiration…how neat is that?  My husband has lost over 60 pounds…some was before his total right hip replacement in October 2008, and the rest has been since we started eating healthier.  Between us, we’ve lost almost 115 pounds.  He didn’t do the bars and shakes like I did; it was just smaller portions and better food choices.  So, together I know we can keep the weight off as we have each other to lean on and stay motivated to keep on track.  My new title at home is the Food Nazi; well, that’s one title I’ll wear with pride!

I have renewed my gym membership after my free year; we intend on keeping up daily exercise to maintain our new figures.  The change in my energy level is dramatic…it’s true that you have more energy when you exercise regularly.  That and the fact that I’m over 50 pounds lighter!!  A friend at my hair salon told me “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.  Well, I’m not skinny, but I love how this feels!

So, my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Williams (and Dr Smith), Dr. Williams’ lovely wife Debbie, to Dana, Kim, the “other Debbie” and really all the folks at Timeless (formerly Fountain of Youth) for giving me this opportunity.  And to God for His intervention….for making me read that infamous Sunday paper that day a year ago…it changed my life forever.  I couldn’t have lost this weight and made the changes I did without your products, guidance and encouragement.

A friend and customer for life,
Rita Wilson