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Tired after a long and busy day? You deserve to relax and pamper yourself. We invite you to visit us at TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic and experience the best services a medical spa in Ogden can offer. Our master aestheticians and massage therapists will make sure it’s worth your while.

Have you been searching for the best protein bars and shakes in Ogden, UT? TimeLess Medical Spa & Weight Loss Clinic carries the best, medical-grade, high quality, protein products and meal replacements that have been specially formulated to provide the nutrients clients need to sustain optimal health during weight loss. We offer an assortment of foods including shakes, bars, microwave dinners, fruit drinks, oatmeal, pancakes, chips, cereal, hot chocolate, Questbars, WIO low-carb frozen foods and a variety of other snacks. The foods are delicious, convenient and provide an excellent source of protein and nutrition.

We are proud to carry foods and supplements from some of the leading providers of medical weight loss diet products including Healthwise, Robard, Protidiet, R-Kane Products, Kay’s Naturals, Quest Nutrition, Zao, Slim, New Whey, DNA, Douglas, Legere, Green Tea HP and WIO.

We also carry a variety of health supplements and vitamins. Nutriex vitamins help maintain energy, provide support to the immune system and strengthen joints, bones and ligaments. WIO’s TrioTrim is a dietary supplement that works to block 10 grams of fat and inhibit 95% of carbohydrates and 80% of sugars per serving. Legere Pharmaceutical’s Be-Thin is a sublingual Vitamin B-Complex supplement, composed with a blend of important nutrient groups for a healthy metabolism, liver and heart and increased energy. Diucaps, also from Legere, are a dietary supplement that aide in craving control by inhibiting appetite and helping to decrease binge eating. DNA’s Essential Daily Vitamin packs make it easy to get your daily dose of Vitamins A, D, C, E and B, plus essential minerals.

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