Should I Use Expired Skin Care Products?

You wouldn’t drink expired milk, right? Have you checked the expiration dates on your makeup or skin care products lately? If not, you really should.

Skin care products and makeup can go bad, just like foods, but many of us don’t think to look for printed expiration dates.

Skin care products contain active ingredients, which are essential to skin nutrition and anti-aging, but they will degrade with time. Ingredients like vitamin C and hydroquinone will lose their potency over time, and become worthless if expired. Active ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid can actually become more concentrated when their bases degrade. Either way, if the products are expired, they aren’t going to do one bit of good for your skin. They could even cause irritation or infection.

Besides tossing out products when they have expired, here are some tips to avoid problems:

  • Store cosmetics properly- cool, dark place.
  • Toss liquids after 6 months, and powders after 2 years.
  • Look for products that come in a pump- it helps keep air out.
  • Use a q-tip and clean hands when applying- no double dipping!

Be aware of your products. If the color or smell has changed, it is likely that the product has gone bad. Get rid of it to help keep your skin safe.


If you have expired skin care in your home regimen, come in to meet with a TimeLess Master Esthetician to exchange them and get 10% off comparable products. Offer good through July 30, 2016.



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