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Tired of fighting stubborn love handles, saddlebags and mushroom belly? Have you been struggling to find the right treatment for battling your problem areas? TimeLess offers the best fat reduction treatments and technology in Ogden, UT.

At TimeLess, we use a combination of natural chemical injections and radiofrequency technology to treat unwanted fat in problem areas after weight loss. LipoDissolve® and TruSculpt3D can work together or separately to naturally destroy fat cells and tighten the targeted problem area.

truSculpt 3D

A New Dimension
in Body Sculpting

You eat well and you exercise, but you’re still frustrated by problem areas on your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of. With truSculpt 3D at TimeLess Medical Spa in Ogden, Utah , you can decrease circumference and diminish unwanted pockets of fat – and reveal the new figure you’ve been seeking. It’s a safe, effective procedure – with no surgery and no downtime. 

truSculpt 3D is a new, nonsurgical radio frequency device designed to sculpt and contour the body. On average, patients who’ve had this treatment have experienced an average of 24% reduction in fat thickness* in a single treatment.

truSculpt 3D radio-frequency fat reduction treatment before and after



FAQ about truSculpt 3D

Am I a candidate for truSculpt 3D?
Your provider can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for truSculpt 3D. Ideal patients typically have a BMI of less than 30.

How long does a treatment take?
The length of your procedure will depend on which areas you’re having treated. As a gauge, it usually takes about 1 hour to treat the abdomen and both flanks (love handles).

How many treatments will I need?
You should see results after one treatment, although some patients choose to have a second treatment for final tweaks or to treat additional areas.

Will it hurt?
Patients tell us that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. Your provider will gently glide the handpiece over the treatment area and the temperature of the skin will rise but should remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

When will I see results?
Right after the treatment, your body will start to break down and flush out the remnants of the fat cells that have been treated, which begins the reduction in the treated area’s circumference. Every body is different, but most people see noticeable results 6–8 weeks after being treated.

Lipo Dissolve

LipoDissolve® is a treatment utilizing a combination of naturally occurring compounds administered through a series of micro-injections for the purpose of subcutaneous fat reduction.  LipoDissolve® injections reduce the size of localized fat deposits and cause skin retraction in body regions where treated.  It is an excellent non-surgical alternative for those patients seeking minimally invasive techniques to improve body contour.  It is not a treatment for weight reduction but rather a procedure for improving shape and reducing targeted fat.

LipoDissolve® consists of phosphatidycholine and deoxycholate (fosfa-tid-ul-koleen and de-oxy-kolate).  Phosphatidycholine (PPC) is a naturally occurring substance within the body that comprises up to 60% of cell membranes, facilitates cell membrane transport, and is a component in bile that is responsible for emulsifying the fat we consume in our diet for absorption.  The PPC used in most injectable fat reducing formulas is derived from the soybean lecithin.  Deoxycholate, present in the body as sodium deoxycholate, is a bile salt that functions to make the PPC soluble in water.  It acts as a detergent and also aids in the breakdown of fat consumed in our diet.

First, the injected solution disrupts the fat cell membrane.  This causes the cells to burst, releasing their enzymes and fatty content.  Second, an inflammatory response ensues, allowing the debris to be “cleaned up” by the macrophages that have migrated to the area.  This inflammation is responsible for the redness and soreness but also allows for tissue retraction.  Lastly, new collagen is deposited in the area, causing skin retraction with denser, firmer skin character.  The fat and cellular debris that are removed are collected as waste and excreted through the body’s normal metabolic pathways.

LipoDissolve® is very safe when injected in appropriate candidates by trained practitioners using a standardized solution.  It is supported by clinical studies and research. As of 2005, in the U.S. and other countries, more than 50,000 patients have been treated with successful cosmetic improvement and no long-term side effects or complications.