Acne Treatment

Acne Skin Care

Most of the skin care treatments offered by TimeLess Medical Spa in South Ogden, UT can be adapted to help problematic skin.  Acne can occur for a variety of reasons, regardless of age. Come in for a FREE skin analysis and treatment consultation to determine the best plan for your for specific conditions.


Facials help to cleanse the skin. Especially for problematic skin, facial treatments include manual extractions and exfoliation to address immediate concerns.  A regular regimen of facials can eliminate clogged pores and reduce the buildup of impurities that can cause most active acne. Specifically, Ojavan’s Acne Facial implements the benefits of their mineral mud mask. This mask will purge the skin of any toxins. The quality Trace Minerals & Elements present in Ojaván’s mud provides healing properties. This mud that Ojaván uses is unique, because comes from a remote region of the of the Great Salt Lake where it has become substantially denser with minerals and elements. It also contains a species of algae that releases beta-carotene, which is great for the skin.

Ojavan Mineral Mud Acne Facial

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can reduce the excess oils that can lead to clogged pores and pimples.  TimeLess Medical Spa’s Detoxifying Chemical Peel uses purifying ingredients combined in a beta-hydroxy cocktail to reduce and treat all grades of problematic skin.  Chemical peels are safe and effective.


TimeLess Medical Spa’s Diamond Skin Microdermabrasion works to remove dead skin and impurities.  Microderms assist in reducing  blackheads and pore size, and treatments can even help to lessen the appearance of scarring.

Physician Assistance

Dr. Brent Williams has had over 25 years of experience in addressing skin care needs.  If acne is moderate to severe he can prescribe prescription strength acne medications or topical treatments needed in addition to facial services.

Skin Care and Maintenance

TimeLess Medical Spa offers South Ogden, UT the best, pharmaceutical-grade skin care products for continued skin care and maintenance at home.  Our certified TimeLess Master Estheticians will recommend a personalized skin care regimen to meet your needs and budget.

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